Fourth-generation girl groups receive mixed reactions over live singing performances on encore stages

While some girl groups are working on their live singing performances, others are having more room for improvement. 


Regarding digital song charts, IVE has made countless milestones: obtaining a Daesang and having three songs with Perfect All-Kill. Nonetheless, the Starship girl group often receives criticism about their live stage performances.


During their promotion for “ELEVEN”, IVE left fans confused with a breathy singing voice and unclear dictation. At the time, Jang Wonyoung struggled to reach high notes and had to resort to her members for help. The encore stages for “LOVE DIVE” and “After LIKE” experienced the same situation.


On MBC’s year-end stage, Jang Wonyoung and Leeseo lip-synced to IU’s “Strawberry Moon” on national television. KBS outright condemned the two members of IVE for a lack of professional attitude and preparation.

Nonetheless, IVE is working on their live singing skills for this comeback with “I AM”. Liz had more chance to shine as a main vocalist and Ahn Yujin delivered the high notes seamlessly.


LE SSERAFIM is a group full of powerful performances from the early days of their debut. Nonetheless, singing performance is still a thing they need to work on.


After receiving a music show win for “Fearless”, LE SSERAFIM caught attention due to out-of-tune singing that occurred to most members, except for Huh Yunjin and Eunchae.

After one year of debut, the girl group returned with “UNFORGIVEN”. At a recent encore stage, the Source Music girl group received negative responses for showing little to no improved live singing performances, particularly Yunjin and Sakura.


In 2021, aespa was embroiled in a controversy about their live singing skills at “Music Core”. They caused a shock to the public by singing over a pre-recorded backtrack.


Nonetheless, in aespa’s latest comeback with two songs, “Spicy” and “Welcome to MY World”, the girl group is showered with praise. Ningning and Winter turn heads with their clear and powerful voices. Netizens were more impressed with aespa’s “Spicy” encore stage at “M! Countdown”.


NewJeans shows that consistency and stability are key to a girl group’s performance and impressions on the public. They garnered the most attention with the “OMG” encore stage at “Inkigayo”.


The “Tell Me” cover stage at a year-end awards event was a rare incident where the ADOR girl group was embroiled in live singing controversies.

 Source: k14 

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