Min Hee-jin Thought about Dying, Saved by NewJeans’ Phone Call 

After her press conference, Min Hee-jin shared her thoughts about wanting to die via a recent radio show broadcast. 

On the morning of April 26, the first part of a CBS radio show featured an interview with CEO Min Hee-jin of NewJeans’ agency, ADOR.

On this day, Min Hee-jin mentioned the turbulent series of events that unfolded in her life recently, saying, “This experience is the worst experience of my life. NewJeans members told me to imagine filming a drama.”

min hee jin

She also mentioned her close relationship with NewJeans members, saying, “Through this opportunity, I felt a warm and close relationship with the NewJeans members. At one point, I thought, ‘Should I die?’ Then, NewJeans members all had a video call together with me”.

Finally, Min Hee-jin confessed, “I thought this wouldn’t be comforting, but the kids kept saying they love me, which really resonated with me. At that moment, the thought of wanting to die passed. I felt their affection. I thought that they saved me”. 

Source: Daum

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