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    Fantagio Tried To Make Money Off the Late ASTRO’s Moonbin? Fans Call for Boycott

    The late ASTRO’s Moonbin’s memorial is being commercialized by Fantagio, said fans
    3 mins ago

    K-netizens Recall The Funny Incident Of Jennie’s Nail At A Past Fansign Event

    Fans re-examined the incident of Jennie losing her nail in the middle of a fansigning event
    25 mins ago

    MMA Discriminated Between IVE Members Based On Popularity, Fans Suspected

    Fans of IVE are showing dissatisfaction at MMA due to an alleged “discrimination” action between members
    36 mins ago

    Lee Ju-young Boasted Friendship With Fan Bingbing After Co-starring In Girl-Love Movie, “Still Contact Through Chinese Messenger”

    Actress Lee Ju-young showed off her friendship with top Chinese star Fan Bingbing
    39 mins ago

    Current Situation Of The Stewardess Student Who Appeared In Kim Hee-sun’s Cosmetics CF

    “Penthouse” star Yoon Joo-hee appeared in the same CF as Kim Hee-sun before her acting debut
    56 mins ago

    Netizens Question NewJeans’ Outfits and Makeup At 2023 MMA 

    Korean netizens raised their eyebrows at the weird outfits and makeup worn by NewJeans at the 2023 MMA
    2 hours ago

    Never Seen Photo of Song Hye-kyo Emerges, “Certified Natural Beauty”

    A new photo of Song Hye-kyo which has never been seen before has drawn huge attention
    1 hour ago

    “Born-To-Be-Idol”Jang Won-young Went Viral Again For Her Various Reactions At MMA 2023

    IVE’s Jang Won-young can indeed go viral for anything she does
    2 hours ago

    Lia Kim & Mina Myoung Talk About Their Tearful Reconciliation On “Street Woman Fighter 2”

    Dancers Lia Kim and Mina Myoung revealed how they made up after participating in “Street Woman Fighter 2”
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