3 hours ago

    Lee Sang-yeob’s Marriage News Sparks Attention to an Accurate Prediction 2 Years Ago

    Lee Sang-yeob has announced his marriage and notably, a numerologist had accurately predicted the timing of his wedding
    3 hours ago

    Park Eun-bin Gives Hints About “Castaway Diva”, “I’m practicing guitar and dialect”

    Actress Park Eun-bin talked about the extraordinary efforts she made for the new drama “Castaway Diva”
    4 hours ago

    NewJeans’s Hanni “From black hair to blonde hair, become a completely different person in one day”

    NewJeans's Hanni underwent a radical style transformation during Milan Fashion Week in Italy
    September 9, 2021

    A Chinese idol with a ‘rare’ visual that you have never seen before

    The appearance of an idol who recently debuted in China has become a hot topic.
    4 hours ago

    Red Velvet’s Wendy is the female singer most people want to do an SNS dance challenge with

    Red Velvet's Wendy claimed the top spot as the female singer most people want to do an SNS dance challenge…
    4 hours ago

    K-netizens react to IVE’s new song “Either Way”

    Girl group IVE recently released the song “Either Way” with a music video
    September 9, 2021

    Netizens refute the rumor that Kim Seon Ho’s character will have a sad ending in Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

    Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’s male lead played by Kim Seon Ho is rumored to have a terminal illness and die in the…
    September 9, 2021

    The 4 most disappointing Korean films in 2021

    It seems that the genre of love and romance movies is gradually losing its appeal to Korean moviegoers.
    December 2, 2021

    Top 8 best Korean dramas in 2021 as voted by international netizens

    Among the most popular K-dramas among the international audience, most are from cable stations like tvN and JTBC.
    September 9, 2021

    Hashtag #SUGA on Tiktok surpassed 34 billion views, proving BTS Suga’s ‘hot popularity’ on social media

    BTS Suga has once again confirmed his popularity by achieving a remarkable record on the global short video platform Tiktok.
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