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    2 hours ago

    “She changed it before marriage” New information about Lee Seung Gi’s bride-to-be Lee Da In revealed

    New information about Lee Seung Gi’s bride-to-be, actress Lee Da In, has been reported.
    2 hours ago

    BTS Jungkook became a firefighter, married to Beyoncé in the UK?

    A British TV show has gone viral after a scene involving BTS Jungkook and Beyoncé was shared on social media. 
    2 hours ago

    After divorcing, Ahn Jae Hyun to play an unmarried man in his comeback drama after 3 years

    Divorced man Ahn Jae Hyun will play a man who prefers to stay single in his new weekend series “The…
    2 hours ago

    Shawn Mendes spotted at Grammys’ afterparty with alleged 51-year-old girlfriend

    24-year-old pop star Shawn Mendes once again shows off his close relationship with his rumored 27-year-older girlfriend. 
    3 hours ago

    aespa’s concert not sold out? Netizens questioned the girl group’s fandom strength

    Mixed reactions from Korean netizens are arising surrounding the status of aespa’s concert ticket sales. 
    3 hours ago

    47-year-old single man Kim Jong Kook, “I’m not going to ask my wife to cook for me even if I get married

    Broadcaster Kim Jong Kook revealed his changed view on marriage.

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