The unexpected ranking of K-dramas that the Japanese want to remake

    "Top 10 K-dramas that Japanese people want to remake" is a hot topic among Korean netizens.

    Kim Bum and the journey of transformation through a variety of roles in Korean movies and TV

    Kim Bum is one of the most popular Korean actors. He has captured the hearts of many viewers with his…

    Jirisan, starring Jeon Ji Hyun, is said to have caused the production company’s stock to drop like a stone

    Blockbuster Jirisan starring Jeon Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hoon is judged to be not as good as expected.

    The Lost Choices – a brutal Korean revenge movie with an infuriating final twist

    The movie about a woman who sets out for revenge on her rapists once enraged Korean viewers. 

    Lee Dong Wook and his acting career that is full of ups and downs

    Having been through many eras of this film industry, Lee Dong Wook is still considered one of the hottest Korean…

    Ahn Bo-hyun talks about the difference in aura between when he has short and long hair

    Actor Ahn Bo-hyun mentioned that his appearance clearly changes depending on his hairstyle. 


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