135 Minutes Long, Mention of Various Names, Informal Talking: Min Hee-jin held all-time controversial press conference

Min Hee-jin held an all-time controversial press conference that was unprecedented in K-pop history.

ADOR’s CEO, Min Hee-jin, reportedly held an emergency press conference at the Korea Conference Center in Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul at 3 p.m. on April 25th (KST) to express her position on HYBE’s audit, accusation, and other suspicions.

At this event, CEO Min took the podium in messy hair, a blue cap and a rather comfortable green shirt, showing her recent complicated feelings.

min hee jin

Min did not hide her angry feelings during the press conference and repeatedly used various profanity, curse language, and informal talk (not using honorifics). She mentioned several active KPOP groups, including NewJeans, ILLIT, and SM Entertainment’s aespa.

CEO Min Hee-jin complained of the camera flash, saying, “I’m not a celebrity,” and began to carefully confess her thoughts on various suspicions in unrefined language, saying, “I can’t speak because of the sound of the shutter.”

She explained the process of making NewJeans after leaving SM Entertainment and joined HYBE. A KakaoTalk screenshot she released showed Chairman Bang Si-hyuk asking her “(Your group) can “step on” aespa, right?”

“It doesn’t make sense that I want take over management rights with only 18% of the stake,” she said, referring to the reason why her relationship with Chairman Bang Si-hyuk has since gone wrong. At the same time, CEO Min also mentioned HYBE’s CEO, Park Ji-won, saying he talked bad things about to Bang Si-hyuk while pretending to be nice to her.

Min made a non-stop speech for about two hours and 15 minutes in the press conference. In the process, her lawyers were trying to dissuading her or restraining her from saying things that could lead to legal issues. In addition, CEO Min Hee-jin drew attention as she continued to talk about the NewJeans members, saying they support her and sobbing as if she was overwhelmed with emotions.

Meanwhile, Min Hee-Jin’s lawyers also said, “With 18% of the stake, she cannot even attempt to usurp management control. We are surprised to see such news.”

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