Roy Kim appeared with a different look after being involved in Jung Joon Young & Choi Jong Hoon’s chatroom scandal

After enlisting in the army, Roy Kim – a close friend of the scandalous singer Jung Joon Young suddenly appeared with a complete makeover look. 

In 2019, the whole showbiz was shocked by the chatroom scandal of Jung Joon Young and Choi Jong Hoon.  These 2 idols have been sentenced to prison so far and are being punished by the law. Also in the scandal that year, another character that was frequently mentioned was male singer Roy Kim – a famous close friend of Jung Joon Young.  After being suspected of participating in the chat room, Roy Kim enlisted in the army last June.

Recently, the male singer has caused a stir on social media with a series of new photos, showing off his utterly new appearance after enlistment.  Previously, the male singer had a skinny body, but now, Roy Kim seems to have bulked up. In addition, Roy Kim has completely changed his style, no longer the male singer who specialized in singing love songs in the past.  He cut his hair short and had a much cooler fashion sense.

The famous male singer was once a close friend of Jung Joon Young and was said to be in the Kakao chat group, often sharing videos of drugging, raping, and secretly filming girls.  He admitted to spreading offensive content in the chat group, but the police did not disclose the whole of the story. 

roy kim
roy kim

Last year, famous journalist Kim Jin Hyun caused a stir when she publicly whitewashed Roy Kim.  The journalist said that the pornographic photo of an entertainer that was distributed by Roy Kim in the chat group was not actually for discussion with dark purposes. He didn’t upload the image to release pornographic images but to say that the picture was edited. However,the singer’s reputation was utterly ruined.

roy kim

Roy Kim enlisted in the army following the serious chatroom scandal. He enlisted in the Pohang Marines in June 2020 and is scheduled to be discharged in December 2021.

roy kim

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