BoA’s action shortly before she was arrested on suspicion of smuggling psychotropic drugs into Korea

Before being arrested at the customs gate for allegedly smuggling psychotropic drugs into South Korea, BoA made a remarkable move on her personal Instagram.

On the evening of December 17, the whole Korean showbiz was shocked by the news that the female singer BoA ​​was arrested for allegedly secretly smuggling many psychotropic drugs, including Zolpidem, into Korea.

Fans immediately went to BoA’s personal Instagram page to find out about bao previous moves.  In that morning, BoA also posted 3 bright selfies.  Worth mentioning, netizens quickly realized that the female singer has become alarmingly thin.  This makes many people remember SM’s apology and explanation when BoA was arrested: “This is a mistake due to lack of understanding. BoA is not intentionally smuggling psychotropic drugs”.  According to SM Entertainment, BoA tried to take the pills she previously used in Japan after experiencing side effects from the sleeping pills she recently received on a doctor’s advice


It is known that BoA has carried out a strict diet and followed a dense schedule because of the comeback.  Therefore, fans believe that SM’s explanation about BoA’s health is the truth.  But many netizens still have mixed reactions because the female singer still looks too fresh, unlike someone who falls into a state of poor health and needs the help of medicine.  Currently, the public is still waiting for the results of the next investigation from the police.



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