Korean actress who is “Hyun Bin’s first love”: lost her career because of plastic surgery, unable to restore her fame

Once had a gorgeous beauty and admirable career, this Korean actress, who used to be “Hyun Bin’s first love”, can never return to her heyday. 

Actress Jung Ryeo Won, who is under H& Entertainment, was born in Australia but return to South Korea in 1992 to pursue her study. Thanks to her eyecatching visual and height, she was street casted by an entertainment agency in 2000, which changed her life forever.

Soon, Jung Ryeo Won received professional training and debuted as a member of girl group Chakra. After the group disbanded in 2006, Jung Ryeo Won decided to focus on acting. 

Jung Ryeo Won
Jung Ryeo Won used to be a girl group member

To Kdrama fans nowadays, Jung Ryeo Won may be a rather unfamiliar name. However, in the past, she was considered a top star after the mega hit drama “My Lovely Sam Soon”, where she starred alongside Hyun Bin. Despite not being the female lead, her doll-like visuals was the talk of town, and a scene where she cried went so viral that Jung Ryeo Won was considered a “Kdrama goddess”. 

Jung Ryeo Won
Jung Ryeo Won’s viral crying scene in “My Lovely Sam Soon”
Jung Ryeo Won Hyun Bin
Jung Ryeo Won and Hyun Bin 

After the sensational “My Lovely Sam Soon”, Jung Ryeo Won received numerous offers from famous directors, and later starred as the lead in many projects, such as “King of Drama”, “Medical Top Team”, “Bubblegum”, and more. In addition, she also proved her multi-talented side by publishing an art book called “Ryeo Won’s sketchbook” in 2007, and hosting the reality program “Art Star Korea” in 2014.

Unfortunately, by 2015, audiences started to notice that Jung Ryeo Won often appeared with constantly changing visuals. In particular, the actress seemed to have lost a lot of weight, while certain facial visuals of Ryeo Won also experienced noticeable changes. Many netizens at the time believed that Jung Ryeo Won was suffering from abuse of plastic surgery, and with her dwindling visuals, the actress also lost her position in the industry. 

Jung Ryeo Won
Jung Ryeo Won’s face, which was suspected to be a consequence of plastic surgery 

Ever since, Jung Ryeo Won barely took on any new project, nor managed to restore her previous fame. Now, 7 years later, the actress is praised for her stunning visuals again, but her heyday has long passed. 

Jung Ryeo Won
Jung Ryeo Won’s current appearance

Source: K14

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