After posting an apology, will Noze re-upload the sponsored posts that she deleted? 

Noze’s next move amid controversy over power abuse in SNS advertisements is gaining interest. 

Over a week after her agency acknowledged the allegations of power tripping in SNS advertisements, dancer Noze has personally issued an apology through a handwritten letter. She apologized for her inexcusable mistake, said that she was self-reflecting, and would try to be humble from now on. Now that Noze has spoken up, netizens are curious about what she will do to deal with damage caused by her irresponsibility. 

On July 4th, Noze was revealed to have abused her popularity as an influencer against smaller brands. Due to her agency’s unconvincing response, the public’s outrage grew. On July 10th, during her first appearance after the controversy broke out at “Street Woman Fighter” concert, rather than apologizing, Noze burst into tears as she made absurd remarks about effort, sparking even more criticism. 

Following negative reactions to her crying at the concert, on July 12th, Noze eventually addressed the controversy and posted an apology on her Instagram, where the feed is filled with advertising posts.


However, netizens who scrutinized the details of Noze’s apology letter are still mad because she did not specify what she had done wrong. In particular, it is said to not show Noze’s will to correct her past mistakes.

Noze apologized to “those” who have been disappointed with her immaturity. She made an excuse that she was being careful, that’s why she was too late to apologize. 


Noze then went on to fill her apology with a list of general sentences that didn’t fit the context. She wrote, “I caused damage to the people involved,” “I should have acted with responsibility as much as I received love, but I didn’t,” and “I realized I still have a lot to learn.”

In particular, the part where she said, “I know that I can’t undo my past mistakes with any words, so I will do my best to reflect deeply and show you a better image instead of asking for immediate forgiveness,” makes many netizens wonder if Noze is trying to move on from the damage she caused without compensation.


According to many netizens, even if her past mistakes are irreversible, it is necessary that Noze suggest a corresponding alternative, given the fact that she violated the contract with advertising businesses.

Even after receiving money, she did not properly fulfill the contract as a model. She missed the deadline and arbitrarily took down advertising posts. She left only advertising posts that suit her taste on Instagram.


What will happen after Noze’s apology is still unknown. Netizens are curious about the advertisement posts that Noze has deleted without the brands being aware of. Will she re-upload them without notice?

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