BABYMONSTER: Has everything but just missing one hit song!

Given their current trajectory, fans are anticipating YG to promote BABYMONSTER more wisely, hoping for a hit in the near future.

Recognized for their talent

Among the girl groups trained and launched by YG, BABYMONSTER could be considered the most unlucky case. Despite two debuts, the initial lukewarm reaction to BABYMONSTER led to doubts among the public about their ability to succeed following in the footsteps of BLACKPINK. However, after a month since their re-debut with a complete lineup and the return of the ace member Ahyeon, BABYMONSTER has undergone a remarkable transformation. Their talent has left a strong impression. 


In comparison to the rival 5th gen group under HYBE – ILLIT, BABYMONSTER earns more praise when it comes to the members’ skills. However, ILLIT has been dominating the charts with their debut title track and concept. ILLIT even achieved a Perfect All-Kill and entered the Billboard Hot 100 with “Magnetic”. While ILLIT’s journey seems to be paved with success, they face a major setback due to their weak singing skills.

Recently, HYBE caused a stir due to an internal conflict over power struggles with Min Hee Jin. NewJeans’ “mother” didn’t hold back in criticizing HYBE for copying NewJeans’ concept to create ILLIT. Despite ILLIT’s initial success being overshadowed by public scrutiny over their singing skills and being labeled as “NewJeans copycats”, controversy surrounding them flooded social media.

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Amidst this chaos, BABYMONSTER has quietly drawn keen attention. The group made a strong impression when they started promoting on music shows. BABYMONSTER turned the tables, propelling their song “Sheesh” into the top #10 on Melon, even surpassing Jennie – Zico to receive their first music show win.

Recently, a viral mr. removed video showcased BABYMONSTER’s stellar live performances, highlighting their powerful live vocals, and individual members shining like gems. BABYMONSTER’s rap-sing-dance combo garnered admiration. Listening to BABYMONSTER perform live, the public understood why Yang Hyun Suk confidently introduced them as a “monster rookie”.

Has everything but just missing one hit title track 

Seeing BABYMONSTER’s achievements stemming from talent, many lament the group’s lack of YG’s sharp musical strategy. At their debut, BABYMONSTER appeared lackluster as YG seemed to have lost its knack for creating hits. The group’s debut EP seemed like a reproduced version of BLACKPINK’s hits. YG’s attempt to replicate the BLACKPINK formula for BABYMONSTER backfired.

“Sheesh” – BABYMONSTER’s second title track received numerous negative reviews from both general listeners and industry experts. Instead of opting for “Like That” – a composition by Charlie Puth, a song that could have perfectly showcased BABYMONSTER’s rap strengths, YG promoted “Sheesh” as the title track. “Sheesh” felt like a patched-up hip-hop track lacking innovation, feeling too familiar and outdated.

Due to their music, BABYMONSTER took a considerable amount of time to win over the audience. Ultimately, the group is gaining attention thanks to the members’ skills. Additionally, the members’ visuals have been going viral. 

BABYMONSTER is gradually gaining recognition. Koreans are starting to take notice of YG’s new girl group again. Ahyeon has an excellent stage presence, Asa is dubbed the “rap warrior”, Rami stands out with her unique vocals. Yang Hyun Suk doesn’t have high hopes for BABYMONSTER for nothing. The group has everything to become famous, but they’re just missing that one hit song.

With the current growth trajectory, fans hope that YG will promote BABYMONSTER more wisely. With the right music, BABYMONSTER has the full potential to represent the new generation of Kpop.

Source: K14

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