NewJeans Minji, who replaced IVE Wonyoung to be MusicBank’s MC, received positive reactions from netizens

Netizens praised Minji for participating in KBS2 ‘Music Bank’ as a special MC.

On the 20th, the ‘Music Bank’ side appointed Minji, a member of the group ‘New Jeans‘, as a special MC for two weeks.

Newjeans Minji
Newjeans Minji

Minji conducted a live broadcast with co-MC Lee Chae-min without making any mistake. Netizens who watched the broadcast left comments such as They left comments: “Be a fixed MC instead of just two weeks”, “You are doing great”, “You are the next MC of Music bank“, etc

Newjeans Minji

On the other hand, before Minji, Jang Won-young had taken the MC position of KBS2’s ‘Music Bank’ since October 8, 2021, and got off after 1 year and 4 months after the broadcast on the 13th.

The production team of ‘Music Bank’ gave Jang Won-young a bouquet of flowers and a trophy, and the audience who participated in the scene held a slogan event with the phrase ‘Thank you for your hard work’.

Jang Won-young

Jang Won-young, who received the trophy, said, “Thank you so much. I was so grateful to be with ‘Music Bank’ for a year and four months, and it was a happy memory for me too. Thank you to all the PDs, artists, and Chaemin-nim who always brightened up Friday,” she shed tears.

Source: Wikitree

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