K-netizens are confused by BABY MONSTER’s performance clip: “Why did YG post this clip?” (According to netizens) 

BABY MONSTER is receiving mixed feedback after releasing their first performance video. 

YG Entertainment recently released a performance video showcasing BABY MONSTER on stage. While the announced formation included 7 members, the clips only showed 5 members, namely Ruka, Haram, Asa, Rora and Ahyeon. The absence of two members piqued the public’s curiosity about a potential special unit to be announced in the future. 

BABY MONSTER’s dance performance clip 

Contrary to initial expectations, the video stumbled across several criticisms from K-netizens. They thought that the video was recorded during their trainee days because, despite being choreographed by Lee Jung, the dance coach for Rosé, Lisa (BLACKPINK), Nayeon, Momo (TWICE) and Jeon Somi, BABY MONSTER was “lacking synchronization”, occasionally “behind beat” and having an “old group formation.”  

Five members of BABY MONSTER received negative feedback on their dancing and performing skills 

Moreover, netizens were curious as to why YG decided to use this supposedly pre-debut video to show the public as there was observable weaknesses in thegroup’s performance. 

Others spotted that the choreography was actually recorded by Lee Jung from two years ago, so they speculated that the performance clip was also filmed around that period. Some opinions proposed that it was really YG’s strategy to show a leap in BABY MONSTER’s abilities that would blow fans away at their debut. 

Netizens suspected the video to be recorded in 2020 as the choreography was planned and performed by Lee Jung from two years ago 
Five members of BABY MONSTER were said to be “incoherent”, “behind beat” and “lacking energy” 

Several comments from netizens: 

  • Is this YG’s trategy to “shock” viewers with BABY MONSTER’s improved performing skills [after their debut]? 
  • The group formation looks outdated.  
  • It would have been better if YG had not released the clip

Source: k14

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