These celebrities are the survivals who conquered the competition rate of 500 to 2 and higher

A well-known representative is Lee Joon-ki who won the main role of Gong-gil in the movie “The King and the Clown” despite the rate of 3000:1.    

In the case of actor Lee Joon-ki, he went up against 3000 people for the role of Gong-gil in the movie “The King and the Clown” and secured the main character’s position. He is an unusual star who even won the title of “10 million worth actor” with his first leading role.

 Lee Joon-ki

Who is the “second Lee Joon-ki” who became a star through a harsh audition?

#Kim Da-mi is also the winner of an audition

Actress Kim Da-mi is on a rise with her role in the SBS drama “Our Beloved Summer.”

Kim Da-mi

Kim Da-mi is an audition survivor who made her debut with the movie “The Witch” through a competition rate of 1,500 to 1.

Kim Da-mi

Actor Choi Woo-sik, who appeared in “The Witch” is working together with her in “Our Beloved Summer,” also evaluated Kim Da-mi as “a monster-like rookie who is new and fresh.”

Kim Da-mi

As Choi Woo-sik said, Kim Da-mi, who swept the audience with her fresh acting skills, had a spectacular debut ceremony by winning the Blue Dragon Film Awards’ “Rookie of the Year” award. Later in the drama “Itaewon Class”, she showed off her totally different girl crush charm.


Xynsia, the actor who succeeded Kim Da-mi in “The Witch 2”, is also an actor who broke through the 1400:1 competition rate, and has no work experience yet. Attention is focusing on whether she will be able to become a “second Kim Da-mi” with “Witch 2.”

#The last one among 1980 people, Kang Tae-joo

Kang Tae-joo

Kang Tae-joo made his face known to the public when he was cast in OCN’s Saturday-Sunday original “Missing.”

Kang Tae-joo

Kang Tae-joo’s screen debut film is “Sad Tropical”. The movie is already drawing attention as it is director Park Hoon-jung‘s new action noir and actor Kim Seon-ho’s return work.

Kang Tae-joo

Sad Tropical” is an action film about a boy who was a boxer being chased by a mysterious target.

Kang Tae-joo joined the film through a whopping 1980:1 competition rate. It is expected that director Park Hoon-jung, who is famous for his bold casting, will once again work his magic.

Kang Tae-joo

Expectations are high for the birth of a rising star after Kang Tae-joo is noticed after breaking through the extreme competition rate.

#500:1 star, Lee Se-hee

Lee Se-hee

Lee Se-hee, the main character of KBS’s weekend primetime drama “Young Lady and Gentleman”, broke through the competition rate of 500 to 1.

She plays the role of Park Dan-dan, a poor but bright and firm tutor who got into a romance story with Ji Hyun-woo, a father of three children.

Lee Se-hee

At first, she auditioned as Dan-dan’s cousin role but then got offered the main character in the second audition. She said she couldn’t believe it when she received the call. 

Lee Se-hee, who finally passed 500 other applicants and became the main character of the weekend drama for the first time since her debut, made her debut in 2015 through the music video of singer Na Yoon-kwon‘s “364 Days of Dream.”

Lee Se-hee

Since then, she has worked as supporting roles in the movies “Young Police” and “Midnight,” but there has been no impressive work yet.

Lee Se-hee

However, she has gradually developed her skills with various works, and after passing the audition, she showed off the acting skills he has accumulated in “Young Lady and Gentleman.”

#500:2, only 1 among 2 will be chosen, and it’s Kim Hye-joon

Kim Hye-joon

Kim Hye-joon, who debuted through a web drama in 2015 and was noticed by the public when she was cast in “Matrimonial Chaos” and “Kingdom.”

She drew attention for becoming the main topic of many evaluation posts through Netflix’s “Kingdom” series, and she has put colorful wings on actor Kim Yoon-seok‘s debut film “Minors.”

Kim Hye-joon

As it turns out, Kim Hye-joon won the role of Joo-ri in “Another Child” through an audition with a competition ratio of 500 to 2.

When she passed the audition, she said she was so happy and relieved. 

Since then, Kim Hye-joon, who has been building her own filmography step by step with the movie “Sinkhole” and JTBC drama “Inspector Koo.” She stood tall as the best rookie by winning the “Rookie of the Year” award at the 40th Blue Dragon Film Awards.

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