Huening Bahiyyih got into an awkward situation as she didn’t receive any gifts at a fansign

The attitudes of the other members also sparked controversy.

On January 21, KEP1ER held a Music Art fansign – an event for the group to interact and sign autographs for fans.  It wouldn’t have been worth mentioning if Bahiyyih hadn’t been in a confusing situation at this fansign. 

Specifically, in a recorded video, KEP1ER members were all given gifts by fans.  They happily posed and took pictures at the fansign.  In contrast, Bahiyyih had no presents on the table.  The female idol showed an embarrassed, awkward, even sad expression like she was about to cry.  After that, Bahiyyih still tried to joke around with the group members, but fans still felt sorry for her.

Video recording Bahiyyih’s heartbreaking situation

Bahiyyih‘s international fans were shocked to find that the female star was completely ignored by Korean fans. Bahiyyih‘s fame in Korea may not be as high as the other members’, but the fact that she did not receive any gift is shocking.

Until now, a fansign has always been an occasion for fans to present idols with gifts, so it is quite rare for a member of a group to be without one. It’s worth noting that Bahiyyih once came in second place in Girls Planet 999, demonstrating that she has a sizable personal fanbase. Therefore, the fact that she did not receive a gift and was ignored by Korean fans at the fansign, made many netizens heartbroken.

Bahiyyih showed a sad expression, her lips pursed as if she was trying to hold back her tears
 Bahiyyih showed a sad expression, her lips pursed as if she was trying to hold back her tears
Bahiyyih showed a sad expression, her lips pursed as if she was trying to hold back her tears

Furthermore, KEP1ER‘s bad teamwork irritates fans. No one came to share gifts for Bahiyyih, who was sitting alone and perplexed, and the manager also ignored this awkward situation. KEP1ER members, according to fans, should have helped Bahiyyih by sharing gifts or joking with her.

While did not care about Bahiyyih

Witnessing Bahiyyih‘s embarrassing situation, fans are leaving positive comments to encourage her on social networks.  Bahiyyih’s international fans are also determined to do whatever it takes to win fansign tickets and give her presents at the following events.

The aftermath of the incident was sarcastic insults towards Bahiyyih.  Haters thinks that because she is not popular in Korea, she has no choice but to accept the situation.  Previously, Bahiyyih caused a buzz when she ranked 2nd at Girls Planet 999. The female idol was said to have no outstanding talent but received a massive number of votes thanks to the reputation of her brother – Huening Kai (TXT).  


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