This son of a celebrity is so handsome he might be able to take a male lead role right away if he debuts now

The son of a celebrity is attracting people’s attention for his warm and beautiful visual.    

Lee Chan-young

These stars’ 2nd generation inherited their parents’ genes as they were, attracting public attention right from their childhood.

In particular, singer Yoon Sang‘s first son, Lee Chan-young (20), has captivated the hearts of many older sister and auntie fans by showing off his cute charm ever since he was young.

As Lee Chan-young grows older, he boasts more distinct features and a more grown-p, masculine appearance.

Not only his appearance, but his physique is also impressive as well.

Lee Chan-young, who used to be a junior swimmer, boasts a height taller than his father Yoon Sang who is 179cm tall, reminiscent of a model.

In addition, he has a small face and prominently wide shoulders, giving off the vibe of a male protagonist in a youth drama.

Through SNS, Lee Chan-young showed off his unchanged appearance and physical appearance, making fangirls fainted just by showing off his daily life ever since he was still a swimmer.

As a result, netizens are curious about Lee Chan-young‘s future plan due to his perfect idol-like visual.

In May of last year, Yoon Sang appeared on tvN’s “Kwak’s LP Bar” and told the host about his son Lee Chan-young.

Yoon Sang said, “My son used to be a swimmer for 10 years. When he was unable to pursue his swimming career due to pandemic, he asked for my permission that, ‘If you allow me, I will try my best with music.”

Yoon Sang-eun, who decided to support his son’s dream, said that his child Lee Chan-young has something he wants to do in the producing area. “Honestly, I’ve never seen him sing. However, I once praised him on his composition skills. I was impressed to see him making the track himself.”


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