Song Joong-ki Talked About New Movie, “I Don’t Think It’s A Gangster Movie”

Song Joong-ki expressed his desire to try various genres and characters as an actor

Song Joong-ki’s first noir film “Hopeless” is set to be released on October 11th. Regarding the movie, the actor said in a recent interview, “When I first saw the scenario, the genre of the work itself was good. I wasn’t attracted to the character Chi-gun’s charm at first.”

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Song Joong-ki continued, “When you look at the script and the work, you can see it differently depending on the thoughts and circumstances you feel at the time. When looking at the “Hopeless” scenario, it was a time when I was obsessed with looking for something different. I felt it was very new, and it came to me fresh. Later, I analyzed the character Chi-gun that I had to act.”

Song Joong-ki explained, “If Yeon-gyu is a child growing up, Chi-gun is an adult who helps Yeon-gyu. But he’s an adult who didn’t grow up the same way this child did.”

Some people misunderstand his purpose, he said, “Some people misunderstand that I wanted to do a gangster movie. I don’t think of our movie as a gangster movie, but I thought it was fate because this movie came to me at the time when I felt sorry for not having done something like it.”

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When asked, “Is it a choice that reflects your desire for acting spectrum expansion?” he said, “Because actors want to do various things. The personal desire to “do a genre that I haven’t tried” was great. Of course, I wouldn’t have done it if Chi-gun had no charm at all, but if I compare it, it’s right that the genre of the work matters more.” 

“Hopeless” is a noir drama about a boy named Yeon-kyu (Hong Sa-bin), who wants to escape from hellish reality, meets the middle boss of an organization, Chi-gun (Song Joong-ki), and joins the world in jeopardy. 

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