Netizens say this rapper promotes BLACKPINK better than YG by wearing this T-shirt

Netizens’ attention is drawn to the T-shirt worn by rapper Justhis (Heo Seung) on ​​stage.

Rapper Justhis performed at the Chonbuk National University Festival on September 23rd. On the stage, he performed joint performances with fellow rapper Mush Venom (Lee Tae Min), and he was well-received by many audiences.

On this day, Justhis caught the attention of many people because of the outfit he wore. This has spread through social media and online communities, creating hot topics.


Specifically, Justhis wore a BLACKPINK goods T-shirt. He had fun on stage wearing the T-shirt of BLACKPINK’s 2nd full album “Born Pink”. The T-shirt shows the tracklist of “Born Pink” on a black background. This seems to show Justhis’ extraordinary love for BLACKPINK as a fanboy. 


A netizen posted about Justhis wearing BLACKPINK’s T-shirt on their Instagram story, and Justhis even reposted this on his account, confirming that he was a BLACKPINK fan.

In response to this, Korean netizens left comments, “Justhis promotes BLACKPINK better publicity than YG”,  “He’s so funny. Are you a fan?”, “A successful fan,” “But the shirt is beautiful. I wanna get one.”

Source: Wikitree

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