“Goblin” youngest cast Yook Sung-jae returns with “The Golden Spoon”, the follow-up drama to “Big Mouth”… Will he be able to surpass Lee Jong-seok?

“The Golden Spoon”, which deals with the provocative content of “changing parents to become rich”, has been released.

The press conference for MBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama “The Golden Spoon” was held on the afternoon of September 23rd with the attendance of director Song Hyun-wook, actors Yook Sung-jae, Lee Jong-won, Yeon-woo, Choi Won-young, Choi Dae-cheol, Han Chae-ah, and Son Yeo-eun.

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Regarding the concerns that the setting of “The Golden Spoon” may encourage materialism, director Song said, “The ridicule that the wealth and assets of parents determine their child’s fate is famous in society. ‘The Golden Spoon’ made a lot of efforts to convey our individual desires and the current circumstance in a straightforward, easy and honest way.”

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When asked why he chose “The Golden Spoon” as his comeback work after being discharged from the military, Yook Sung-jae said, “I played bright and light characters in my previous works ‘Mystic Pop-up Bar’ and ‘Goblin’. I think I can show the viewers something heavier and more serious this time. I selected this work to expand my acting spectrum and also because of director Song”. He added, “This is a work that I’ve done with greater responsibility and passion. I’ve poured out all of my passion in 2022 for ‘The Golden Spoon’. It’s like a big gift to me”, showing his determination.

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As for the reason why he cast Yook Sung-jae, director Song Hyun-wook said, “I met actor Yook Sung-jae for the first time after he had just been discharged from the military”, adding “He was so bright and determined to do anything. The character Seung-cheon in this drama is not easy to play but he expressed his confidence by simply saying ‘I can do it’”.

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Yeon-woo, who plays Oh Yeo-jin, also shared, “My character is completely opposite to me. It’s like a turning point for me? I thought it would be a chance for me to change myself and take on a new challenge.”

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Jung Chae-yeon, who suffered a fractured collarbone and concussion injury during the filming, could not attend the press conference but appeared in a video. She said, “I’m so sad that I can’t meet my seniors and fellow actors. But I will try to recover quickly and greet you again. I wish everyone good health.”

Lee Jong-won, who plays Hwang Tae-yong, explained how he joined the cast. He said, “I already read the webtoon before having my first meeting for the drama. I was attracted to Tae-yong and I believed that I would be able to show various aspects of myself while performing this character.”

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