Remarkable achievements of “Business Proposal” after just 4 episodes: Going viral, high ratings, and more 

“Business Proposal” is becoming SBS’s next hit. 

Business Proposal” is among the dramas that generate the most buzz on social media at the moment. On Facebook, as of March 11, “Business Proposal” was a popular keyword with 36,000 discussions. “Business Proposal” did hot have many promotions at first, but its popularity has surpassed some other dramas with a more famous cast such as Thirty Nine, Forecasting Love And Weather,…

a business proposal

Besides a great social media coverage, “Business Proposal” has also received high scores on review sites.  On IMDb, the drama is rated 8.9/10. On Chinese site Douban, “Business Proposal” gets 8.1, which is higher than most dramas broadcast at the same time such as Crazy Love, Military Prosecutor Doberman, Thirty Nine, Forecasting Love and Weather. On Mydramalist, the drama receives 8.7/10 as evaluated by more than 3000 viewers. 

a business proposal
“Business Proposal” gets very few 1-star rating on Douban
a business proposal
The IMDb rating is impressive 
a business proposal
The score on Mydramalist is equally high

In terms of achievements on the online platform, the film ranked 9th on Netflix’s list of the world’s top popular TV shows on March 11. Also on March 11, the film ranked No. 1 in many countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand,…

a business proposal

Of course, the rating is an extremely important factor when it comes to the success of a TV series. Since it’s a Monday-Tuesday drama without an A-listed cast, ‘A Business Proposal‘ started off with a rather modest 4.9% for episode 1. But naturally, the drama’s ratings skyrocketed right from episode 2. By episode 4, the rating reached 8.7% with the peak of more than 11%. ‘A Business Proposal’ will soon become a blockbuster in terms of ratings of the year.

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