Kim Hye Soo boasts goddess visuals with long straight hair and glowing skin in new photos

Kim Hye Soo stuns with her unchanging beauty. 

Kim Hye Soo posted behind-the-scenes photos of the 43rd Blue Dragon Film Awards held on November 25th on her own Instagram on December 11th.

Kim Hye Soo

Kim Hye Soo, who was a host on that day, participated in the rehearsal wearing a turquoise fur coat and holding a microphone in the released photos.

Boasting unchanging beauty with her long straight hair, glowing skin, and distinct features, she drew attention by illuminating her surroundings with a bright smile.

Kim Hye Soo

On the other hand, Kim Hye Soo recently made headlines with her role in tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama “Under The Queen’s Umbrella”, which ended on December 4th.

Source: Nate

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