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“Queen of Tears” Park Sung-hoon, sobbing while confessing poverty “I lived in a semi-basement just like in the movie ‘Parasite’ for 7 years”

Actor Park Sung-hoon is set to appear on "You Quiz" scheduled to air on May 1st, where he will showcase his candid wit. In anticipation of this, tvN released a preview video

On April 28th, a preview video was uploaded on the “tvN” YouTube channel. The video featured Park Sung-hoon, who played a villainous role in “Queen of Tears“.

Queen of Tears Park Sung-hoon You Quiz on the Block

Yoo Jae-suk introduced him as “the hottest actor of this era“, jokingly adding, “He comes off as too mean.” Jo Se-ho told Park Sung-hoon, “I don’t think it’ll be easy for you to play a villain unless that’s your natural personality.” When asked if that was his natural personality, Park Sung-hoon’s response evoked bewilderment in Jo Se-ho, as he humorously associated it with his character in the drama.

They also discussed tvN’s drama “Queen of Tears”, which has consistently achieved high ratings. Park Sung-hoon lamented, “The show is receiving a lot of love, but I’m really getting a lot of hate. I hear things like ‘Get lost right now’ and ‘Let’s settle this once and for all.’” He even mentioned getting a smack on the back from an auntie at a restaurant recently.

Queen of Tears Park Sung-hoon You Quiz on the Block

He evaluated Kim Ji-won as having a “class president style“. Park Sung-hoon confessed to being a fan of fortune-telling apps, prompting Kim Soo-hyun to caution him, “Bro, don’t believe in such things too much.” Park Sung-hoon told Kim Soo-hyun, “Go and check it out first.” Kim Soo-hyun’s reaction to the fortune-telling apps will be revealed during the broadcast.

When asked about his real personality, Park Sung-hoon surprised everyone by saying, “I’m a scaredy-cat. Before I was discharged from military service, I slept with the lights on because I was afraid of ghosts.”

He then revealed his story, “I became extremely poor during high school. I didn’t have money to eat hamburgers, so I crouched on the stairs and waited for my friends.” He sobbingly added, “For about 7 years, I lived in a semi-basement, just like in the movie ‘Parasite’.”

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