Big Bang T.O.P’s surprising recent status after launching new wine business under his own name

The unusual recent status of Big Bang T.O.P, who has not been active despite the release of the new song “Still Life”, was reported.

On May 10th, Japanese painter Yukimasa Ida expressed his excitement by posting a picture of himself with Big Bang T.O.P on his SNS. Yukimasa Ida confessed, “I finally met Big Bang T.O.P. I was glad he had my work. He said in Japanese ‘I’m a fan of Mr. Ida.’ I also told him ‘I’m a fan of Mr. T.O.P.'” T.O.P can also be seen on Japanese businessman Maezawa Yusaku‘s SNS.


Maezawa Yusaku uploaded a photo taken with T.O.P on his Instagram on May 10th along with the caption saying, “I met T.O.P after a long time and we talked a lot. In front of Basquiat’s work to be auctioned off at Philips on May 18th.”


As an art lover, T.O.P is famous for his affection towards paintings to the extent that he decorates his house like an art gallery. On a broadcast in the past, he revealed, “I spend at least 95% of my income on buying artworks. My collection includes works by Andy Warhol and the late Korean painter Kim Whan-ki.”


After his exclusive contract with YG Entertainment ended, T.O.P seems to have changed his field and is working as an art collector. In fact, T.O.P has also participated in the Singapore Art Science Museum as a curator. Many people are paying attention to T.O.P’s appearance as an art collector as well as the owner of a wine business named after him.

Source: Insight

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