BTS V is Amber’s little brother?

In a showbiz world that is loaded with complicacy, there are still many beautiful friendships.

Recently in a live stream, Amber claimed that Taehyung was her little brother. At first, fans were quite shock, but after knowing the matter, they were all swooned by Amber’s cute personality.

Amber and Taehyung were known to join each other in the popular PUBG game. Apparently, they’d helped each other a lot in the game so they got along really well. Therefore, Amber claimed that Taehyung was her little brother.

“They are too cute I could die!”
“Taehyung has Amber as a sister to teach him now.”
“They play Overwatch and get along with each other so well.”

It seems like fans are excited at the interaction between the two idols. Finally another friendship in showbiz that fans enjoyed delightfully! Besides that, fans have also found interesting photos of those two on the stage in KCON 2016. Although Amber is 3 years older than Taehyung, it seems like it is not a big gap at all. Hopefully we can see more lovely moments from this friendship in the future!

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