Kan Mi-youn (former Baby V.O.X) took her weight concern to social media, surprising fans 

First generation visual drew attention with her preoccupation with body fat.

Body image and weight management are two key components of an idol’s career so it comes naturally for them to pay extra care to the said issues and go through strict diet and intense exercise. 

kan mi youn baby v.o.x
Image: Instagram ‘miyoun_kan’

Recently, Kan Mi-youn, a former member of first generation Kpop group “Baby V.O.X” took to social media the same problem. 

In the past, Kan Mi-youn was a popular member known for her outstanding visuals. Her image was the first thing that came to mind when it came to the group’s “visual”. 

han ji min
Image: TV Chosun ‘National Singer’

Her enviable delicate and innocent appearance boasts a height of 169 centimeters and weight of 47 kilograms.

Despite her seemingly perfect body, the idol seems to feel unsatisfied with her own weight, posting on her Instagram account and asking, “How do I increase body fat?”

kan mi youn baby v.o.x
Image: Instagram ‘miyoun_kan’

In the posted image, the test data revealed, “The body fat ratio is low. Fat is an important part of the cell and nerves, and if it is insufficient, it can cause endocrine disorders”.

On the other hand, her statistics showed the muscle mass, water, and visceral were marked as ‘standard’, protein ‘great’, and basal metabolic rate ‘reached target‘, attracting attention.

From the data solely, her extra attention to weight was partly influenced by her height.

kan mi youn baby v.o.x
Image: Instagram ‘miyoun_kan’

Back on November 9th, 2019, Kan Mi-youn married musical actor Hwang Ba Wool and received congratulations from fans and fellow celebrities.

She is currently the DJ of SBS Love FM’s “Kan Mi-youn’s Love Night” and is appearing on the SBS entertainment program “Goal Bashing Girls”.

Source: insight

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