MAMA to go all out to ensure a fair voting after “this” girl group got caught rigging the votes

Mnet’s 2022 MAMA Awards will make all-out efforts to prevent fraudulent voting.

2022 MAMA said on its official website on Nov 4th, The vote for the 2022 MAMA Awards is undergoing a thorough verification process step by step. We will ensure that transparent and fair voting takes place throughout the entire process, from membership sign-up to voting, from start to completion.” MAMA announced that it would reveal the whole process transparently. “We are disclosing the total number of votes and the percentage of votes by artists in real time.”

MAMA 2022

It also promised to prevent fraudulent voting. “We will also exclude data that is confirmed to be fraudulent voting during the monitoring process from the final tally,” MAMA ensured. Finally, it said, “We ask for your cooperation in creating a proper voting culture so that the voices of global K-pop fans can be honestly reflected in the voting process.”

Meanwhile, the 2022 MAMA Awards will be held in Kyocera Dome Osaka, Japan, on Nov 29th and 30th.

Earlier on Nov 2nd, suspicions were raised regarding the graphs that show an abnormal increase in the number of votes and rankings, mainly online, of some nominated singers. In addition, some fans were found to have intentionally attempted to vote illegally.

brave girls

Among them, girl groups IVE, Brave Girls, LOONA, Dreamcatcher, and Kep1er were mentioned. The voting graph of these five groups rose abnormally at a certain point, raising suspicions of fraudulent voting.

Source: dispatch

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