MAMA 2022 will come to Japan, the date and time have been set!

The 2022 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) will go abroad again.

According to a number of music officials on the 18th, 2022 MAMA will be held on November 29th and 30th in Osaka, Japan.

MAMA has been held in Korea for the past two years as a result of COVID-19. Previously, Mnet had the ambition to lead the Asian music industry by holding events abroad, but due to an unexpected situation, MAMA was forced to hold in Korea for two years.

MAMA 2022

It is also noteworthy that it is Osaka, Japan, a place that MAMA has not tried so far, and that it is held for two days, not one day. After the COVID-19 situation improved, K-pop artists who had a lot of overseas plans were already asked about their schedules. Even now, it is difficult to coordinate the schedules of many singers if the date or place is changed.

MAMA started as a music video award in 1999 and changed its name in 2009. It was held in Seoul, Macau and Singapore. An unprecedented effort was made for MAMA to be held in Hong Kong in 2012 and simultaneously in Vietnam, Japan, and Hong Kong in 2017. However, Korean fans continuously criticized MAMA for ignoring the domestic audience.

MAMA 2022

In 2019, MAMA was held in Naoya, Japan due to the protests in Hong Kong. In 2020 and 2021, it is held in South Korea due to the outbreak of Covid-19. And when COVID-19 calms down again Mnet immediately chose to go abroad, and this time the MAMA will go to Osaka, Japan for two days.

CJ ENM’s side declined to comment, saying, “We are contemplating various options” in relation to the holding of the MAMA.

Source: Daum

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