Dating show where mothers wore eyepatch and touched their sons’ bare chests under fire for “borderline incest” 

American cable channel TLC has released an all-time shocking and controversial reality dating show.

On February 6th (local time), British media Daily Star introduced TLC’s new reality show “MILF Manor”. In “MILF Manor”, 8 middle-aged women and their sons in their 20s appear together. They all live together in a mansion, where they go on dates to find new love.

The scene that has been drawing attention even overseas is the scene where mothers wore eyepatches and touched their naked sons’ bare chests.

digital news team tlc

In the broadcast, there was a scene where the mothers wearing eye patches touched the bare breasts of young men one by one. It was a game where you had to find your son after touching their bare chests.

In response, netizens commented, “It would have been crazier if it had been switched between male and female,” “Is this an incest show?”, “Is it okay for a mother to touch her grown-up son? This is gross”, “What if fathers and daughters appeared?”, etc.

Source: Insight. 

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