Agency released official statement on Lee Da In’s marriage with Lee Seung Gi, “They’ve formed a special relationship as reliable partners”

Actress Lee Da In officially confirmed her marriage with actor Lee Seung Gi.

On February 7th, Lee Da In’s agency 9ATO Entertainment said, “Actress Lee Da In has formed a precious relationship with actor Lee Seung Gi as reliable lifetime partners.”

Lee Da-in

They continued, “The two will hold their wedding on April 7th with the attendance of their relatives and close acquaintances. We ask for your generous understanding that we cannot provide any detailed information on the specific schedule of the wedding because it will be held privately.”

The agency added, “We hope you can warmly congratulate and encourage the two, who will be on each other’s side forever in the future. Please continue to give lots of attention and support to actress Lee Da In, who is taking a new start in her life.”

lee seung gi and lee da in

Earlier on the same day, Lee Seung Gi posted a handwritten letter on his Instagram, saying “I’ve decided to spend the rest of my life with my beloved girlfriend Lee Da In as ‘husband and wife’ rather than lovers.”

Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In, who got to know each other through the same hobby of playing golf, publicized their romantic relationship in May 2021. After dating for two years the two have decided to live a new life together as husband and wife on a warm spring day.

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Meanwhile, Lee Da In is the daughter of actress Kyeon Mi Ri and the younger sister of actress Lee Yoo Bi. After making her debut in the 2014 drama “Twenty Years Old”, she continued to star in various works, such as “Hwarang”, “My Golden Life”, “Come and Hug Me”, etc. Her new acting project, MBC’s drama “Lovers”, will premiere this year.

Lee Seung Gi debuted as a singer in 2004 by releasing the song “Because You’re My Woman”. He later made big hits with the songs “Delete”, “Will You Marry Me”, Return”, “Love Taught Me To Drink”, etc. Apart from his singing activities, Lee Seung Gi also acted in various famous dramas, such as “Brilliant Legacy”, “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”, “The King 2 Hearts”, “The Law Cafe”, etc., and movies “Love Forecast”, “The Princess and the Matchmaker”, etc.

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