Lee Seung Gi proposed to Lee Da In in 2021? The hidden facts of their love story 

From the way they met to their affectionate expressions, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In’s love story draws attention. 

On February 7th, YouTuber Lee Jin Ho, a former entertainment reporter, posted a video with the thumbnail featuring Kyeon Mi Ri (Lee Da In’s mother) and Lee Seung Gi on his YouTube channel. Here, he claimed that Lee Da In and Lee Seung Gi’s marriage had been set in stone since a long time ago.

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In particular, Lee Jin Ho said, “The meeting between the two has been very mysterious for a long time. Lee Da In, who liked Lee Seung Gi as a celebrity, asked an acquaintance to introduce her to Lee Seung Gi. The two became close while playing golf.”

The YouTuber also revealed that Lee Da In and Lee Seung Gi had been close since way longer than the public knows. “On May 24, 2021, Dispatch released a picture of the two together and said that they were getting to know each other,” he said, adding, “However, they were already past that phase, and were actually so close that Lee Da In went to visit Lee Seung Gi’s grandmother.”

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According to Lee Jin Ho, Lee Seung Gi actually proposed back on December 23rd, 2021, not recently. “On December 23rd, 2021, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In were spotted on Ulleungdo Island. However, there were a total of 4 people, not just the two of them. It seems that he proposed to Lee Da In at that time. Recently, Lee Seung Gi shaved his head to film a movie, and he cannot have proposed in that state”, the YouTuber claimed. 

Lee Seung Gi could also be seen wearing beads similar to Kyeon Mi Ri, who will become his mother-in-law, and it is known that Kyeon Mi Ri only gives beads to people she thinks she’s really close to, Lee Jin Ho added. “Lee Seung Gi is originally a Christian, but he was so affectionate that he went to a temple for his girlfriend”, the YouTuber also said. 

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Regarding Lee Da In, Lee Jin Ho commented, “Due to her family background, Lee Da In is not well-received by the public, but Lee Seung Gi put in a lot of effort to support her while she was having a hard time.”

On the other hand, on February 7th, Lee Seung Gi announced that he will be getting married to Lee Da In, whom he loves and decides to spend the rest of his life with. He also expressed his affection as well as his hope to receive support from fans and the public. 

After Lee Seung Gi posted the announcement, fellow actors such as Lee Yu Bi and Lee Min Ho can be seen leaving congratulatory comments.

Source: wikitree

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