It’s funny yet erotic… A shocking scene in a drama is spreading rapidly

A scene in a terrestrial broadcasting drama drew attention.

This drama aired in popularity and was the talk of the town. Its “strong skinship” scene was considered a famous scene at that time, and it is still spreading on major communities even after the drama ended.

red shoes

On Nov 15th, a video of a famous scene from KBS 2TV’s evening daily drama “Red Shoes” was uploaded on major communities such as FM Korea, drawing attention. The drama aired during weekday evenings from July to December last year and recorded the highest rating of 19.6% based on Nielsen Korea.

The video showed a male actor and a female actor bump into each other while passing by at a restaurant. The male actor was holding a plate of food, but the food spilled on the chest area of the female actor’s coat.

red shoes

The male actor put on an apologetic expression and brushed the food off the female actor’s clothes with his hands. Then he said “I’m sorry” over and over again. However, he unintentionally touched the female actor’s chest with his hands.

The startled female actor screamed and vigorously shook the male actor’s hands. She could not hide her displeasure, “What? You annoyed me last time, too…

red shoes

The male actor tried to brush the food off her clothes again, and she pushed the male actor with her hands as hard as she could. At this time, the two fell to the floor together. They hugged (?) and exchanged strange glances with each other, causing laughter.

This scene is considered one of the best scenes in the drama “Red Shoes”. FM Korea’s netizens reacted that it was a funny yet erotic scene.

red shoes

Source: Wikitree

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