The heart-breaking and tiring things that only real K-Pop fans understand!

Some heart-breaking and exhausting things only Kpop fans know

No money? A bit of a problem for some.

Albums, group goods, member goods, season greetings and events on V-Live+, CH+. All these things can be purchased only when having or using money. If your wallet is empty, you are not able to do as much for your idol, money wise. However, you can still love and support.

Goodbyes will soon come

Hardly anyone can countinue their career forever. Somedays, solo idols might turn their paths to another direction, boygroup/girlgroup might not be able to stand on stage together. And the heart-breaking truth is disbandment. No one wants this day to come, but it still comes when group members can not work together anymore or they decide to move on with their life. Regardless of what happens, it will not change the undying love that you once had and will still continue to have for your idol(s)

The sound of wedding bells

They spend their youth singing beautiful songs. But they can’t always sing for us till their last day. It will come when they must find their own sweet home. Idols are normal humans just like us, they need someone who can take care of them, share happy memories with, and give a shoulder to lean on for the rest of their life. Hopefully, when that day comes, fans will show their support and approval for whatever decision they’re idol(s) makes.

Fandom VS Fandom

The war between fandoms is not an uncommon thing with K-Pop fans. Sometimes, when the arguements become a stormy war, fans might become tired and infuriated with the hate and disrespect being sent towards their idols. There is sometimes even war within the fandom itself. When a fan loves a certain member but hates another one, akgae fans (fan bias only and dislike the rest) hurt the members that they dislike. This leads to quarrel and causes fans to lose their faith and become exhausted right in their very own fandom. No fan wants to see their idol get hurt. Which is why as fans, it is our job to do our best to protect our idol(s) from whatever comes their way. Even when it seems impossible to stop the hate, our love should always form a shield around the idols that we love and care for so dearly.

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