The tragic life of 2 Korean sexy queens: Disparaged for being violent in the movie, committing suicide due to public pressure?

Powerful and beautiful, these two hot scene queens chose to end their life because of negative decisions.

Oh In Hye and Lee Eun Joo are two talented actresses of the Korean screen. Their common point is that they do not hesitate to act in hot scenes, criticized and imposed by public opinion and both of them choose to end their own lives.

Lee Eun Joo

As an actress of the same age as Son Ye Jin, Lee Eun Joo was once a sexy symbol of Korean cinema. She is famous for her diverse acting ability and the ability to express the innermost characteristic of the character.  If she didn’t commit suicide that year, perhaps now, we would have a beautiful Lee Eun Joo, shining no less than her peers.


Lee Eun Joo suddenly hanged herself at her home on February 22, 2005, in the midst of a flourishing career.  Many questions were raised around this death, and public opinion also poured suspicion towards the movie 18+ ‘The Scarlet Letter’ when listening to the confessions of the actress’ family and reading her will:  ‘I’ve wanted to do many things but I’m too tired. I’m living but not like real living. I don’t want anyone to be disappointed even though I also want to make money. I want to go back to the days of a year prior to”.


Specifically, ‘The Scarlet Letter’ is a movie full of sensitive hot scenes where Eun Joo must have 100% real love scenes with male co-stars and gay hot scenes. When the movie was released, the audience not only talked about the hot scene but also argued about Lee Eun Joo’s appearance. They thought that she did not match the hot look of the character in the script. Relatives revealed that Lee Eun Joo could not get rid of the role, but fell into a state of depression because of criticism from the crowd, “We have a reason to say that Lee Eun Joo died because of the harshness of the entertainment industry. A year ago, I was still living a happy life. After the movie there were hot scenes, mockery and insults that made Lee Eun Joo tired.”

Oh In Hye

Possessing a beautiful appearance, a hot body, but Oh In Hye‘s career is not very prosperous, she is mainly known for her 18+ movies, hot scenes, and sexy pictures. Her most talked-about time was when the actress appeared on the red carpet of the 2011 Busan International Film Festival with a dress showing off her full chest.


In real life, she is very simple, discreet and kind, but in the movie, Oh In Hye is not afraid to take off her clothes to play hot scenes, especially in ‘Red Vacance Black Wedding’.She continuously received new roles in movies, but still can’t find a place for herself in the grim entertainment industry. People only pay attention to her with a series of marketing scandals from dressing, filming 18+ movies to the cutlery scandal, these scandals are not actually related to moral or acting issues.


Life became more peaceful when she took a break from acting in 2014, although people still used to call her the title of the ‘hot queen’, the ‘hot scene queen’. Thought that Oh In Hye would return to a normal life, enjoy her own happiness, who can expect on September 14, 2020, the public was shocked by the news that Oh In Hye was found in cardiac arrest,  stopped breathing and was declared suicidal. No one really knows what she went through and if this death has anything to do with the criticism she has received in the past?

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