“True Beauty” webtoon author reveals she uses IVE’s Wonyoung and NMIXX’s Sullyoon as references 

The author of “True Beauty” expressed interest in Wonyoung and Sullyoon. 

Author and artist Yaongyi of the popular webtoon “True Beauty” that a K-drama was adapted from, recently appeared as a guest on MBC’s talk show “Radio Star”.

On the show, Yaongyi revealed that she often paid attention to current trends to include them in “True Beauty”. She said, “Because webtoons are posted systematically every week, I keep up with the trends and want to make sure they are reflected in my work, such as how the characters are dressed, their makeup, etc. I also use idols for references.” 

Jang Won Young (I'VE)

When asked which her reference idols are, Yaongyi answered two of the most popular female visuals of K-pop 4th generation, IVE’s Jang Wonyoung and NMIXX’s SullyoonYaongyi explained, “Both of them are very pretty and popular with men. They’re famous overseas too.”

Sullyoon (NMIXX)
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