Famous YouTuber: “Suho, the funniest guy in EXO… Actually, we went to the same school”

YouTuber Winter Bookstore revealed her relationship with EXO Suho.

On April 12th, Winter Bookstore uploaded a video taken with EXO Suho on her YouTube channel.


On this day, Winter Bookstore introduced Suho, “We’ve met a lot of people so far, but today we have an idol for the first time. EXO’s leader who is a musician and also a musical actor! The funniest guy in EXO, Suho.”

She confessed, “It’s been 15 years since I saw you. I went to Gaepo High School. You were born in 1991, but you went to school early. You were in your 2nd year when I was in my first.”


Suho asked, “So I saw you a few times?” Kim Gyeo-ul explained, “A lot. I didn’t see you like every day, but there was a couple in our class. I was in class 7. I remember you coming to our class a few times.”

Suho‘s response was unexpected. He said, “The freshmen would’ve hated me. The fact that a senior came. Anyways, we were all little, but even a year difference makes it awkward. My bad.”

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