Was his friend a victim? “The Queen’s Umbrella” actor Bae In-hyuk pays tribute to victims of the Itaewon disaster

Actor Bae In-hyuk of “The Queen’s Umbrella” paid tribute to the victim amid a shocking crush disaster in Itaewon. 

Bae In-hyuk posted a commemorative photo of Itaewon on his Instagram story in the afternoon of the 30th, leaving a message saying, “May he rest in peace..”

In particular, he added a memorial message saying, “Friend, you should be happy,” making viewers sad. 

Pray for Itaewon

Meanwhile, on the 29th, at least tens of thousands of people gathered in Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul to enjoy the Halloween weekend. As a result, a large-scale crushing disaster occurred, killing 153 people and injuring dozens as of 5 pm on the 30th.

itaewon stampede

President Yoon Suk Yeol said, “It’s really disastrous,” and set it as a national mourning period until November 5. In response, the broadcasting industry has canceled entertainment shows one after another, and the music industry is sharing its condolences by canceling comebacks and concerts.

Source: nate

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