Park Hyun-bin got flustered by the harsh criticism after singing IU’s “Nagging”

Park Hyun-bin was stunned by the harsh criticism after singing IU's "Nagging."

Park Hyun-bin appeared as a special DJ and worked with Kim Tae-kyun on SBS Power FM’s “2 O’clock Escape Cultwo Show,” which aired on the afternoon of February 2.

park hyun bin

On this day’s broadcast, the hosts were doing a corner where whenever Kim Tae-kyun and Park Hyun-bin sang a line of any song, the listener had to continue to sing the next line.

During the broadcast, Park Hyun-bin sang “Nagging” sung by IU and Lim Seul-ong and was pointed out for singing a different melody from the original song. At that time, a listener even sent a text message stating that Jang Yoon-jung and Park Hyun-bin had sung “Nagging” together in the past.

Park Hyun-bin said, “I think this is the part I didn’t practice. I don’t think it’s the male part.” He explained, “I thought I have sung it here?'”

When Kim Tae-kyun asked back, “But didn’t you still have to listen to Jang Yoon-jung’s part?” Park Hyun-bin replied, “Yes,” and then said, “Let’s hear IU’s ‘Nagging’ after a long time.”

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