Lee Se-young: “I asked for nose surgery like aespa Winter and Jo Yu-ri”

Comedian Lee Se-young revealed that she went to get a nose job with pictures of aespa Winter and IZ*ONE Jo Yu-ri.

On April 12th, a video titled “Lee Se-young’s nose surgery Q&A (nose close-up video, hospital information, surgery method, nose blackhead removal, swelling management, etc.)” was posted on the YouTube channel “YPTV“.

Lee Se Young

When asked how she had a nose job, Lee Se-young said, “I told them two things ‘I want the tip of my nose to be roundly high’ and ‘I want my nose to be shorter’.” She added, “They raised my nose with osteotomy, silicone 3mm and donated costal cartilage.”

Lee Se Young

There was also a question of whether she brought any celebrity photos. Lee Se-young answered, “aespa Winter and Jo Yu-ri. I brought their pictures. I hope my nose is a combination of these two’s.”

Lee Se Young

She said she was completely satisfied. She added, “The nose is a little high, but it seems to have been raised really well in a round shape. If you have a shape that you want, take a nose with a slightly different style and ask for a fusion.”

Jo Yuri

Lee Se-young, who had got nose fillers about 8 times since she was 20, confessed, “As fillers accumulated, they started to spread by pushing out the original fillers.” In response, Lee Se-young decided to have a nose job after a year of having double eyelids and revealed the process, drawing much attention.

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