Miryang Gang Rape Case Trends in Korea As YouTuber Reveals Identities of 44 Perpetrators 

A YouTuber has been revealing the identities of perpetrators in the Miryang gang rape case, drawing massive attention. 

Back in 2004, an incident called the Miryang gang rape case happened in Korea, becoming one of the most the country’s most devastating s*x crime cases. At the time, the case drew attention not only for its brutal nature, but also for the victim-blaming attitude of the locals and a lack of punishment for the perpetrators.

In particular, at the time, 44 male students in Miryang was revealed to have committed physical and sexual assault on numerous underage victimes for over a year. Out of them, 10 faced requests for prison terms, while 20 underwent juvenile detention. 13 did not receive any punishment after settling with the victims. Only one faced separate charges.

The Miryang

It was known that at the time, the victims themselves had to file charges for sex criminals to be indicted, leading to most running scot-free after their heinous crimes.

Now, the identities of these criminals are finally coming to light, driving Korea into a frenzy. In particular, YouTuber “Narak Bogwanso” exposed 2 of the 44 perpetrators.

One of the perpetrators is known to have later locked his SNS to go private, while his company fired him after the exposé. Meanwhile, another is revealed to have got married and is running a successful restaurant, which has temporarily ceased operation after his identity was revealed. 

Meanwhile, the Miryang gang rape is known to have inspired he movie “Han Gong-ju”, which features actress Chun Woo-hee. 

Amid the rising discussion about the case, Chun Woo-hee has spoken up and offer comforting words for the victims of Miryang

Source: Instiz, PC

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