Min Hee-jin’s girl group has finally appeared… HYBE introduces new girl group New Jeans consisting of teenage members

New Jeans, the first girl group produced by CEO Min Hee-jin of HYBE’s label ADOR, has finally been introduced.

On July 22nd, the music video of New Jeans’s “Attention” was uploaded on the official Youtube channel of HYBE Labels. The girl group made an unprecedented move by releasing a music video right away although the debut teaser has not been revealed yet. 

In the MV, all the members of New Jeans showed off their pure and lovely appearances that suit their young age as teenagers.

In addition, “Attention” is an addictive song with a dreamy concept, which is enough to captivate the eyes and ears of K-pop fans around the world. 

Photos of the members were released on New Jeans’s official website on the same day. Many people are praising the photos full of emotion directed by Min Hee-jin, who used to be an art director at SM Entertainment.

New Jeans consists of 5 members Minji, Hanni, Danielle, Haerin and Haein. The group will release 4 MVs in a row for their debut album to be released on August 8, joining the race in August with a series of top Kpop girl groups such as SNSD, BLACKPINK, IVE,…

The point of view of Min Hee Jin – a trend-setter instead of following a trend talks about the inspiration to create the girl group New Jeans: “Pop music, like clothing, is an inseparable part of culture from our daily life”. NewJeans is hoped to become a symbol of a generation where people never tire of reaching out.

Source: insight

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