Losing weight is the fastest way to upgrade the visual of Korean stars?

The excellent visual couple Park Bo Young – Seo In Guk of the movie “Doom At Your Service” also used to be overweight.

Park Bo Young – Seo In Guk is currently a hot couple with the movie Doom At Your Service.  The couple especially attracted the audience thanks to their sweet “chemistry” and superb visuals.  Park Bo Young is famous as a “vampire” because she is over 30 but still has a youthful beauty.  Seo In Guk drives female fans crazy with his handsome appearance and attractive bad boy aura.

However, when “digging” a series of past photos of the couple, netizens realized that they also had a time when they were overweight and obese.  After losing this excess weight, Park Bo Young – Seo In Guk’s visuals have become more fragrant, more beautiful, and more attractive.  That’s why losing weight is the right way to help stars change their appearance.

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Park Bo Young

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When she was young, Park Bo Young had a pretty but relatively round face
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The face with chubby cheeks unintentionally makes the actress’ eyes look smaller’
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But after entering the entertainment industry, the actress lost weight, making her face more elegant while still remaining her cuteness.
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With short hair, Park Bo Young is more beautiful like a doll with white skin, big eyes, and a baby face
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Park Bo Young’s appearance has remained unchanged for decades and that’s why she is called a “vampire”.
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In the new movie “Doom At Your Service”, Park Bo Young also makes viewers “visually shocked” with her beautiful appearance as if she was only 20 years old even though she is over 30.
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Despite turning 30 years old, the actress can still confidently wear a school uniform.

Seo In Guk

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When he was a kid and when he went to high school, Seo In Guk had a normal body and was not overweight
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But he suddenly gained significant weight at the age of 20
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The image of Seo In Guk appearing on television with an overweight body like this once shocked the audience. He had auditioned a lot but was also rejected by many companies because of his overweight body and poor appearance
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Seo In Guk is determined to lose weight. He ended up winning the Superstar K1 competition. He looks like two different people before and after losing weight
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Losing weight helps the male singer-actor’s facial features gradually appear
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Seo In Guk is now a famous actor who is both handsome and has a hot body.

Source: k14

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