TWICE’s Latest Comeback Sparks Accusations of Copying BLACKPINK Rosé

TWICE has officially returned with their 12th mini album titled “Ready to Be” along with the music video for the title track “Set Me Free”. However, similar to some of their previous comebacks, this return of TWICE continues to be met with indifference from Korean audiences, resulting in lackluster performances on music charts in Korea, with their rankings mostly on the lower end. This is a very unfortunate outcome for a girl group that was once considered the top of their generation (Generation 3).


Also, a TikTok account recently published a video comparing TWICE’s most recent music video with Rosé’s (BLACKPINK) “On The Ground,” which was released in 2021. The scenes in front of the theater, the explosion, or the running scenes were considered strikingly similar. In particular, the transformation scene of Tzuyu was also considered a “copy” of Rosé’s. Others defended TWICE by pointing out that such scenes are rather frequent and have been in a number of other MVs or films.

However, a lot of people still claim that the similarities are obvious. Did JYP learn from YG, though?

On the other hand, the JYP girls still receive some good news. Recently, TWICE has achieved 1.7 million pre-orders and sold over 500 thousand copies on the first day on Hanteo chart. Currently, the JYP girls are spending their first week promoting in the US with various performance activities and appearing on popular talk shows.


Source: Tiktok

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  1. As usual blackpink stans can’t see any other girl group getting ahead of them so they try to put others down. Blackpink is not officially dusted.

  2. There’s no such thing thing Twice copying blackpink stop bringing a fight

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