The beauty of ITZY and the NCT’s visual melted fans thanks to their super sweet interaction

Chae Ryeong (ITZY) and Jae Min (NCT Dream) attracted attention when becoming MCs at a recent concert.

INK Incheon Kpop Concert took place on October 10 with the participation of many groups and idols such as Baek Hyun (EXO), Tae Min (SHINee), ITZY, GFriend, The Boyz, Weki Meki, AB6IX… NCT‘s Jaemin and ITZY‘s Chaeryeong were selected at the MCs for the online concert’s festivities. On Twitter, videos capturing the moments of interaction between the two idols are attracting the attention of fans.

Netizens are “crazy” at the eye-contact and lovely chemistry of Chae Ryeong (born 2001) and Jae Min (born 2000). Before, the two idols had never met, but when they hosted the show, they cooperated very well.

During that evening, fans noticed that Jae Min often looked at Chae Ryeong with sweet, affectionate eyes. Chae Ryeong was also shy, biting her lip when Jae Min called her “Cute Chae Ryeong-ssi”.There was a moment when Chae Ryeong and Jae Min even avoided eye contact, creating a “suspicious” atmosphere.

Some comments: 

  • I find it so endearing how Jaemin looks at Chaeryeong whenever he finishes his sentence as it’s her first time MCing(?) and he has previous experience, he’s such a kind person
  •  They are so cute, like a highschool couple.
  • As MCs, both Chae Ryeong and Jae Min have awkward moments but are very cute. 

Many Korean fans oppose the idea of ​​”romanticizing” the normal interaction between Chae Ryeong and Jae Min of international fans. They believe that both are young idols who should not be caught up in dating rumors.

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