6 Korean stars who are good influences by adopting abandoned dogs instead of buying 

These 6 celebrities are good role models for those who are looking for pets to raise. 

As the pet culture is growing stronger, more people are raising pets, but as a result, more animals are being abandoned. Although they live in shelters, most abandoned dogs are in danger of being euthanized.

Here are 6 Korean stars who truly care about animals and have given warm love to abandoned dogs who had nowhere to go. Despite their busy schedules, they exercise a good influence by encouraging others to adopt instead of buy pets. 

1. Shin Dong Yup

shin dong yeop dog

Comedian Shin Dong Yup, who has hosted the TV reality show “Animal Farm” for over 20 years since 2001, has shown good influence by adopting an abandoned dog that was at risk of being euthanized.

Shin Dong Yup named his dog Creamy and appeared on various entertainment programs to show off Creamy. Creamy is growing up with a lot of love from the Shin Dong Yup’s family.

2. Kim Go Eun

Kim Go-eun dog

Actress Kim Go Eun has also spread a good influence by adopting a sick abandoned dog. Recently, a volunteer at an abandoned dog shelter revealed that Kim Go Eun had adopted an abandoned dog, Wally, who had an incurable disease.

Wally was unable to walk properly, and the veterinarian believed that the cochlea in its ear could have been injured or there could be a congenital problem with its brain.

Kim Go-eun dog

In fact, it is not easy to take a sick abandoned dog home, but Kim Go Eun decided to take care of Wally. Many people applauded Kim Go Eun’s kind personality when this story was shared.  

3. Seol In Ah

Seol In Ah

While working in an abandoned dog rescue community around 2016, actress Seol In Ah adopted a Jindo dog named Julie. 

She has been spreading good influence by telling the story of how she met Julie at the abandoned dog shelter through several TV show appearances. Seol In Ah often reveals her peaceful daily life with Julie through her Instagram.

4. Cho Seung Woo

cho seung woo dog

Actor Cho Seung Woo boasted a good influence by adopting a dog that was on the verge of euthanasia. Last year, an Abandoned Animal Shelter in Seongnam revealed that Cho Seung Woo had participated in volunteer activities for abandoned dogs and adopted a puppy named Gomja that was in crisis at the time.

Cho Seung Woo also filmed a video of Gomja looking much brighter than before the adoption, and sent it to the shelter. With such a warm heart, Cho Seung Woo became the ambassador for Sapsal Dog in April 2013.

5. Yoo Yeon Seok

yoo yeon seok dog

Actor Yoo Yeon Seok adopted an abandoned dog Rita, an abandoned dog that was rescued from a notorious private shelter where animal abuse was taking place.

Rita was abandoned, wounded, and brutally abused at the shelter, which led to serious skin diseases. Fortunately, Rita was rescued by an animal rights group and managed to escape from hell.

This is not the first time Yoo Yeon Seok has adopted an abandoned dog. In fact, he was already raising a stray dog ​​named Beanie, a Maltese breed.

6. Lee Hyo Ri

lee hyo ri dog

Singer Lee Hyo Ri is a famous dog owner among Korean celebrities. Her old dog Soonsim that passed away last year, was an abandoned dog taken home by Lee Hyori when she was volunteering at a abandoned dog shelter before the dog was euthanized.

In addition, Lee Hyori has consistently been exerting her good influence by actively adopting abandoned dogs around her.

Source: insight

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