Kim Go-eun reportedly adopted a sick abandoned dog with incurable diseases

Actress Kim Go-eun, who is acting enthusiastically in TVing’s “Yumi’s Cells Season 2”, spread her good influence by adopting a sick abandoned dog.

On June 27th, a heartwarming story of Kim Go-eun was revealed by A, a staff who is serving at a shelter for abandoned dogs in Dangjin city. According to A, Kim Go-eun adopted and took care of a sick abandoned dog named “Wol-i”.

Kim Go-eun dog

Abandoned in an isolated place, Wol-i was taken to the shelter with a body full of grasses and mites. At that time Wol-i was about six months old. Wol-i was in such a poor situation that he couldn’t even walk properly. The vet said that the cochlea in Wol-i’s ears might have been hurt or there could be an innate problem in his brain. 

Kim Go-eun dog

It’s not easy for a sick abandoned dog to be adopted. Sick abandoned dogs might be euthanized because of the new owners’ poor condition due to high hospital bills.

However, Kim Go-eun approached Wol-i and welcomed him into her warm arms. Kim Go-eun then took Wol-i to the hospital for some checkups. Wol-i was diagnosed with incurable diseases, such as pneumocephalus and cephalocele. Nevertheless, the actress decided to live with the sick Wol-i as his family member.

Kim Go-eun dog

A then expressed their gratitude to Kim Go-eun, who made such a meaningful decision.

Netizens who heard this story applauded Kim Go-eun for her kind heart. When compliments poured out after the story of her adopting abandoned dog Wol-i was reported, Kim Go-eun also expressed her determination, “I will raise him well”. 

Kim Go-eun dog

In addition to Kim Go-eun, many stars have also exerted their good influence by adopting abandoned dogs. Singer Lee Hyo-ri, Hyun-ah and Dawn, Beenzino, actor Sunghoon, etc. also welcomed abandoned dogs to become their family members. 

Kim Go-eun dog

Source: insight

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