Not Song Joong Ki, this is the male co-star that had the biggest impact to Song Hye Kyo’s life

Star actress Song Hye Kyo used to admitted that her personality underwent a major change after one particular work 

With multiple successful projects and an astounding beauty, there’s no denying Song Hye Kyo’s massive popularity both in and outside of Korea. However, little do people know, Song Hye Kyo is an extremely introverted and private person, which the actress shared 18 years ago. 

Song Hye Kyo Kang Dong Won

However, the actress’s participation in the hit K-drama “Full House”, where she starred alongside Bi Rain, had completely adjusted her character. It can even be said that Bi Rain played an important role in creating the Song Hye Kyo of today, who’s more positive and sociable. 

Song Hye Kyo
Song Hye Kyo admitted that her personality changed after “Full House”

Released in 2004, the romance-comedy K-drama “Full House” became a massive hit both in Korea and across Asia. With 16 episodes, “Full House” was considered a speerheader of the Hallyu waving, bringing Bi Rain and Song Hye Kyo’s reputation to a whole different level. 

Kim Tae-hee Bi Rain
Bi Rain, her co-star, played an important part 

In fact, the chemistry between Song Hye Kyo and Bi Rain in this K-drama was so overflowing, they were rumored to be dating for ages. 

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