Amid HYBE’s Civil War, Zico Released New MV Ft. BLACKPINK’s Jennie: Is It The New Hit Song Of 2024?

The collaboration MV between Jennie (BLACKPINK) and Zico caused explosions on social networks

On the afternoon of April 26, Jennie and Zico officially launched the collaboration song “SPOT!”. As expected, the song quickly caused a “storm” across social networks as soon as it was released.

As the second collaboration product that Jennie has released in 2024, “SPOT!” is receiving a stronger response than the song “Slow Motion,” her previous collaboration with Matt Champion. In addition, Jennie’s voice and her rap segment are receiving countless compliments from netizens. Fans paid respect to Jennie for the dedicated effort she put into this product.

Despite the fact that the song was released right in the middle of HYBE’s controversy with Min Hee-jin and Zico is running a label under HYBE, his collaboration with Jennie is expected to be next K-POP hit. As of around 8:00 p.m. on April 26 (KST), the song also ranked high on many music charts in Korea, such as #1 on Bugs, #2 on MelOn, #78 on Flo.

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