A fanpage of 500 thousand likes of BLACKPINK came out to protect Nancy (MOMOLAND)

BLACKPINK’s fan page has left a good impression for protecting Nancy after her sensitive images were leaked, even though before that the female idol had an attitude scandal with the YG girl group.

Recently, Kpop fans were shocked by the news that Nancy (MOMOLAND) was secretly taken photos while undressing at a music event.  Later these photos were shared in a group of more than 500 members.  The incident made fans extremely angry because the privacy of MOMOLAND members was seriously violated, they were even more frustrated when they heard that the one who took those photos was a behind-the-scenes staff.

protect Nancy (MOMOLAND)

Fans sent emails to MLD Entertainment – MOMOLAND’s management company to ask the company to take measures to protect Nancy, but they have yet to receive any answer.  In the midst of this, the action of an international BLACKPINK fan page warmed fans’ hearts, showing that they are not alone.

Knowing that Nancy became the victim of secret filming, the fanpage named BLACKPINK – BLINK INTL posted a message calling for mail to MLD Entertainment, creating pressure for the agency to protect the female idol.

protect Nancy (MOMOLAND)

This fanpage wrote: “Not BLACKPINK related but Blinks help them email this to their agency. In this house, we protect and support women!

A staff member of Momoland share pics to a discord serve of 500+ people of Nancy undressing! You can email the Korean text to the mail in the tweet ore I’m pretty sure that there is also an English paragraph. “

protect Nancy (MOMOLAND)

BLACKPINK’s fan page has more than 500 thousand likes, through which Nancy’s protective article has received the support of many people.  After a few hours, the post gained 13 thousand likes, 397 comments and 3.2 thousand shares.  Countless netizens unanimously sent mail to MLD Entertainment, demanding that the company take measures to protect the privacy of the female idol as soon as possible.

protect Nancy (MOMOLAND)

The support from the international BLACKPINK fan community mentioned above has made many people warm, especially when Nancy was criticized by BLINK after she was supposed to glare at 4 YG girls.  This shows that in an emergency situation, BLACKPINK fans in particular and Kpop fans in general can ignore personal conflicts to work together to help each other protect their idols.

protect Nancy (MOMOLAND)

Sources: kenh14

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