Korean fans got attacked with racist remarks at a concert in Chile: “Kimchi fxxx”

"Music Bank in Chile" was canceled due to heavy rain. In addition to the canceled concert, the issue of racism at the venue has also been reported.

At 8 p.m. on Nov 12th (local time), “Music Bank in Chile” was held at Estadio Monumental in Santiago, Chile. There was rain from the beginning of the concert, but it was reported that the show still continued. However, after THE BOYZ and (G)I-DLE performed their stages, the concert was canceled as the rain turned into hail. Fans who went a long way to see their idols had to leave the concert hall regretfully due to the heavy rain. Along with the rain, the event was also at the center of attention due to the issue of racism.


After the performance was suspended, videos of Chilean fans swearing at Korean fans while mentioning “Kimchi” started to spread around on various SNS and online communities.

According to the released video, a Korean fan seems to be asked to leave the venue, and people who appear to be Chilean fans boo her as a group, saying, “Kimchi fxxx.”


Korean fans who claimed to have been at the scene at the time explained the situation at the scene. They claimed that foreign fans mocked and threw racist remarks at Korean fans who went there to see their favorite artists. Foreign fans claimed that the target of their racism was sasaeng fans, but Korean netizens refuted their claim, saying, “There was no camera and she was just a Korean masternim.” 

Many netizens commented, “She wasted 70 hours just to be on the plane to go there and got discriminated against at that place, if that was me, I would feel very wronged,” “The broadcast station is rude to, seeing that they still set up the stages without thinking in such weather,” and “I don’t understand why ‘Music Bank’ has to go to such a racist country.”


Meanwhile, the “Music Bank” world tour resumed after three years but was eventually canceled due to worsening weather conditions in Chile. According to the original plan, SF9 Ro Woon was to be the MC, and a total of six groups, including STAYC, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, ATEEZ, (G)I-DLE, THE BOYZ, and NCT Dream, were scheduled to perform.

Source: Insight

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