“2 Days 1 Night” Yeon Jung-hoon “I’ve never been mad at Han Ga-in. How can I get mad at her?”

Actor Yeon Jung-hoon is drawing attention after confessing that he has never been angry with his wife, Han Ga-in.

On the latest episode of KBS 2TV’s “2 Days 1 Night,” which aired on Mar 27th, Yeon Jung-hoon, Kim Jong-min, Moon Se-yoon, Ravi, DinDin, and Na In-woo‘s trip to Namwon, Jeollabuk-do, were revealed.

On this day, DinDin instructed Yeon Jung-hoon, who was about to carry out the mission, to play the role of “a husband who became sensitive after receiving his wife’s urging call.”

2 days 1 night

In response, Yeon Jung-hoon started rehearsing to fulfill DinDin’s request with outstanding acting skills as a veteran actor.

2 days 1 night

Nevertheless, DinDin seemed not satisfied and said, “You’re still too cute. Try speaking in an angry tone.”

Only then did Yeon Jeong-hoon say, “I’ve never been angry (at her). How can I get angry? I can’t even make a phone call,” he confessed, drawing laughter.

2 days 1 night

Earlier, Yeon Jung-hoon picked his wife, Han Ga-in, as the scariest person in the world.

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