LE SSERAFIM Criticized for Lip-synced Performance on Jennifer Hudson Show?

A new performance of LE SSERAFIM's "Smart" on the Jennifer Hudson Show is being condemned for alleged lip-syncing. 

On May 21 (KST), the “Smart” performance of LE SSERAFIM on the Jennifer Hudson Show was published in full on YouTube. Immediately after the release, however, the performance started to draw negative comments, as netizens pointed out that the girl group was obviously lip-syncing. 

In the past, LE SSERAFIM was already criticized for their poor live-singing skill, so the latest performance only adds to the group’s on-going criticism, with some comments even calling them “talentless”. 

So far, over 600 comments have poured in in a topic about LE SSERAFIM’s “Smart” Performance, and below are some of them: 

  • Isn’t it embarrassing that they can’t even sing and just use AR and open their mouths? It’s different if they lip-sync but can sing decently other times, but these girls can’t sing at all.
  • It’s cleverly done to make it sound like a live performance
  • The live AR itself is so funny haha. The public can’t be fooled anymore.
  • I enjoyed the stage while pretending that it’s live~
  • Turning on AR and pretending it’s live is really…

Source: theqoo

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