“Master in the House” team had a meeting without Lee Seung Gi on Nov 24th, “Lee Seung Gi is having a hard time”

It is known that all the members of “Master in the House” are worrying about Lee Seung Gi.

According to an official, the cast and production team of SBS’s entertainment program “Master in the House” held a meeting somewhere in Seoul on November 24th. Lee Seung Gi, who is having a conflict with his agency HOOK Entertainment over music revenue settlement, was absent, but all the members were worried about him.

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“Master in the House” plans to proceed with the first filming for Season 2 in mid-December. Comedian Yang Se Hyung, mixed martial arts athlete Kim Dong Hyun, and singer Eun Ji Won already confirmed their appearances. NCT Doyoung is also likely to join the team.

Not knowing whether Lee Seung Gi, who has led the show since the very first episode of “Master in the House”, would join Season 2 due to the recent controversies, viewers paid keen attention to the production team. “Master in the House”, which holds the concept of meeting people who lead various fields and getting “life lessons” from them, is the first entertainment program starring Lee Seung Gi as a fixed member after his military discharge. Other MCs who appeared in the early days of Season 1 already dropped out, but Lee Seung Gi stayed until the end of Season 1 and served as a core member of the program.

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Luckily, Lee Seung Gi also confirmed his plan to join the recording for Season 2 as scheduled. However, the members and production staff are all saddened by the recent conflict between Lee Seung Gi and his agency. An official who recently had a phone call with Lee Seung Gi shared, “Lee Seung Gi seems to be having a hard time. However, he expressed his intention to join the show.”

Lee Seung Gi caused a stir when he asked his agency HOOK Entertainment to disclose details of settlements for all the albums he released over the past 18 years. In addition, controversy grew as Dispatch released a transcript exposing the abusive remarks and actions of HOOK’s CEO Kwon Jin Young.

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However, HOOK refuted the claims from Lee Seung Gi’s side. They said, “The content of our contract with Lee Seung Gi and the claim that Lee Seung Gi has never received any payment for his music activities are not true at all”.

Despite HOOK’s position, reports about CEO Kwon buying a luxury apartment in Hannam-dong with the 4.7 billion won she borrowed from Lee Seung Gi were released.

Source: Nate

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